Post-Earthquake Study:

This exercise will helps in

  1. Saving PROPERTY & LIFE.
  2. To highlight the critical areas that needs to be attended on immediate basis.
  3. To proactively assist client to understand the seriousness of deformation of member and the urgency required to attend the same.
  4. Getting knowledge about the stability of the building, specially on visual deflection and deformation of the foundation of the Tower, stability of the other services like DG and Fire Fighting.


  1. Visual Inspection is the primary means of determining the condition of the structure.
  2. To evaluate the impact, a physical inspection with highly experienced and qualified engineers is needed is was conducted and the following assessing points were taken into consideration to assess the threat of the Building,
    1. Structural Frame Connection
    2. Gravity Connections
    3. Determine the extent of discontinuity, cracks, ,damage found and its severity
    4. Verticality Check
    5. Connection Exposed