Detail Survey and SLD Preparation

  1. Teams allocation with tasks.
  2. Daily survey report receiving and SLD preparations
  3. To discuss with Client the regular Challenges/Inputs/alternatives and solutions/new proposals.
  4. Resurvey on spot.

Spot Visit during survey

  1. Difficult routes visit for optimisation.
  2. Escalate the cases for joint decision for continuation of survey.

Post Survey

  1. Ring and Fiber optimization planning
  2. Provide complete fiber/OSP design solution & integration solution for the complete Fiber Network for the targeted geographic areas.
  3. Broad ‘Bill of Quantity’ (BOQ) for additional Fiber Infrastructure
  4. Prepare High Level Design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD) for Fiber of each Route/Domain
  5. Inter-link both inter and intercity Fiber network to decongest core and ensure sufficient backhaul capacity to meet least bandwidth demand
  6. Proposed solution shall be ready to scale up both horizontally and vertically
  7. Fiber Network design should consider the hierarchical nature of overriding Transport Network and accordingly plan Fiber cables with sufficient capacity to cater to all existing (back bone/Access) with two way & three-way protection as per RFP guidelines
  8. Fiber Network design shall consider sufficient interconnects (Hand-holes, splice Chambers) fulfilling End to End High Bandwidth demand